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Our News

Man can subsist without newspaper but no newspaper can subsist without news. News which are stories, is the spinal cord of journalism. The basic assumption of journalism is the collection, presentation and interpretation of stories which is meant to inform the people about the current happening in the society.
News comprises all current activities which are of general human interest and the best News is that which interests most of the reader.

Welcome To Splash Stories

A fast growing digital news platform, reporting on the most vital issues and diverse perspectives that challenge conventional thinking and give voice to the underrepresented, by giving them chance to; Create. Curate. Share their Personal happenings around them. Story is the factual report of an event. What the reporter sees is supposed to be reported and we are geared towards reporting and encouraging facts to be reported exactly the same way as they occurred which goes against objectivity if we add something from our own imagination because we want to make every voice count, especially those of us most underrepresented in society. We face the challenge of believing in the power of journalism to make the world go round, and that original reporting and analysis on the subjects we care most about never fail to press a conversation forward. We embrace diversity, because when people create, curate and share their stories with the sources and subjects they discuss coming from varied backgrounds and experiences, they produce a richer, deeper, more valuable Journalism.

Splash Stories Aim

Varied Views: We want to amplify voices that are unique, remarkable and near neglected. Cultural and Regional Penetration: We are working towards setting the pace on the goal shaping our diverse cultures. Change Style: We deliver in the forms and platforms where our audiences live. Legibility & Reliability: We maintain the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and fairness.

Rewards: We give room to zealous journalist (professionals, those in making and story writing lovers), and also individuals who have audience so that they can share their stories and let the world hear and know them while been paid from the digital platform by doing what they love doing.

In Summary

Splash Story enables you to either create stories, or splash and broadcast stories created by others. Either way, both story creators/curators earn AirX on every 1000 read by users. You can share stories on social media. The amount of AirX you earn is determined by the amount of readers you get.