AirXons Search

Earn AirX while you you search the web with AirXons Search

strengthened by the amount of AirX you have

We want to grow a community of people who love to search the internet. You simply get rewarded each time you search the web.


How AirXons Search Engine simply works

Simply create an account with AirXons, if you do not have one.Then start using AirXons customised search engine to execute your searches, then watch your account grow.

For every search, you earn AirX. You can perform unlimited searches in a day, however, you get rewarded for 20 searches per day (i.e with minimum of 5AirX in your balance). The more AirXenergy you have, the higher you are rewarded for your searches.

4 level deep reward from your referral/downline search earnings in 7%, 5%, 3% sequences.

All your AirX rewards goes straight to your AirX balance, to cashout simply click on internal exchange and sell your earned coin in BTC and then cash-out

The beauty of AirXons search is that It helps simplify and provide you with more direct search result, this simply means you choose the website you want to direct your search.

Your AirX balance enables you to earn while you search it is not locked up by the system, this simply means you can withdraw or exchange your balance anytime. However, the more AirX in your balance, the more you are rewarded when you search.

Cool Facts About Google Search

Over 4.5 Billion Searches daily on Google

Over 1 Trillion Searches on Google yearly

Use AirXons Search today and enjoy a good rewarding fair share on all your searches.You simply search AirXons rewards you for it.

Over 5,098,098

Over 70,000 AirX earned