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AirX wallet App 9/13/2018 2:16:21 PM

We have released Airx Wallet app for our AirX asset on google playstore. You can simply follow the link on Airxons website, or search Airxons in the playstore. 

Here are some things you might want to know about AirX wallet App.

Airxons wallet enables you to securely send, receive and store your AirX assets.
You can send AirX to other users by simply using QR code. for sending to an address.
You can receive AirX from other users also by sending your address to them.
Airxons wallet enables everyone to securely store their AirX assets if they do not want it on the web.

With Airxons wallet, you can add contacts. This enables you to easily send and request AirX from them.

• All private keys and other important data stored locally and encrypted.
• Generate, import and export AirX accounts
• Multisignature contract edits and account management
• Managing multiple accounts and local address books
• Displaying account information
• Displaying recent transactions on an interactive messaging interface
• Encrypted and plain text messaging
• Signing multisignature transactions
• No blockchain download. The AirX app is a lite client using NEM’s APIs.
• Reading and making AirX addresses with QR codes
• Shows AirX status and details.
• No in-app purchases, advertisements, or sharing of data. Your privacy is fully respected.