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Are you interested to help build the long-lasting future of airxons? Do you encounter difficulties when trying to hit success? Are you passionate about blockchain, redefining our social and information era, interested in digital currencies and more? If yes, you are on the right place.
Airxons is made up of energetic people - entrepreneurs, designers, developers - who take what they do serious and love it.

Airxons is a platform that redefines the business, digital and information exchange in our era. We execute business information to the public in form of advert, we help facilitate exchange of digital currency trade, we provide means of passive income, and lots more in a secure way.

Available Positions

Do you have what it takes to write an Op-Ed news or articles on any category?

We will be glad to accept frequent op-ed articles/news submissions for Airxons Splash Stories. We are giving all news and article enthusiast an opportunity to share their notions and opinions with the world. Our aim is to inspire young intelligent people within our ecosystem to produce brilliant stories/news or articles.

This simply means that your articles/story must be well written organised and professional. Stories or articles that engages philosophy. We will not just accept anything.

We expect something that is philosophically engaging or a material that catches attention, controversial, sexy, covering articles covering the wide range of categories. Remember, we will not take accept business solicitations for opinion pieces. We will reject such articles/stories.

Minimum of 500 word count. We will be open and unbars, we will not play politics on the stories we allow or publish, our expert curators will make sure that all articles are well attended and accordingly. We will keep an open mind and will welcome all stories as long as the standard is maintained.


Work flexibility
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Some interesting incentives.
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Are you aspiring to make cool money?

Do you have what it takes?

Are you consistent, resilient and convincing? Can you make or seal a deal?

Then you are welcome to join the Airxons marketers' hub and promote our Business Information Ads service to local businesses around you and get rewarded with a 10% instant reward on their business information and purchases.

How to Start

Create an account on Airxons
Apply to become a marketer/promoter of Business Information Ad at
Use your link to signup local businesses.
Get them to promote
Get Paid


Make 10% on any purchases the people you introduce make.
You earn 3 level deep if they get to signup with your link.
More incentives and rewarding.
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Are you living in Abuja, Nigeria?
Are you within the age range of 23 to 38 years?
Do you possess sharp communications skills?
Ability to use positive and persuasive language?
Proper Time Management skills?
A versatile user of the smartphone, computer and social network services?
And the ability to work under pressure with minimal supervision?

Then you may be the one we are looking for.
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We would like to have the services of a graphic designer and smart animations expert for creative promotions unit. Personnel must be residing in Abuja, Nigeria. If you are the one we are looking for?

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