Frequently Asked Questions



AIRXONS is a social information platform that rewards people base on their activities such as searching the web, creating and curating stories, brand broadcasting, value creation and sustainability.



Simply create an account if you do not have one or just hit the login button, if you have created account. We encourage you to go to account preference under settings  to add more security layers to your account.

In your dashboard, you will see all products that are been served by Airxons, ranging from advertise, search, splash story, scratching, trade, and so on. Simply click on any one of your choice and proceed.





Airxons is comprised with lots of services but when it comes to trading digital currencies, there are certain risks associated with it. This is because digital currencies are volatile and prices can go up and down. As prices changes quickly, some customers might not have enough in their balance to cover what happens in price fluctuation. However, we have  measures that assists and ensures users account and assets are protected and secured.

As more measures to secure your account, we encourage you do the following;

  1. Always make sure your email are correct and receives notification from Airxons.
  2. In the case where mobile number is enabled by Airxons, please do make sure your number is verified and can also help in securing your account.
  3. Ensure your two-factor authentication is enabled, updated and functioning (Google Authenticator). When setting up 2FA, you will have to save the code generated in a secure place, this helps you to recover your account in case of phone loss or damage.
  4. Get acquainted with your account preferences which you can find under settings.
  5. Make sure you pass all required and necessary verification including ID and document verification, in a case where it is required. And when making deposits and withdrawal, you will have to wait on the maximum time and number of days required which is been stated.



Why do I have to verify my account?

We strongly encourage everybody to verify their account, it helps to prevent fraud and at the same time add extra layer of security to your account by making sure no one changes your private information. All IDs must be verified on Airxons website. These are accepted Government approved means of identification such as International Password, Drivers licence, National ID card.

Note the following:

Ensure your ID card is very clear when uploading

Ensure your ID or documents are still valid, not expired and without modification.

For more clarity, you can use your mobile phone to take shots, however, logos and watermarks should be avoided.

In case of any error, Kindly try the uploading process again.

Please make sure your personal details when creating account does not differ with what you have in your ID card or document.



For a smooth operation of Airxons,  strong security measures are taken including anti-cheat mechanisms, as a result if any unwanted activity is noticed by our robot, your account will get banned by the system.

Why is my account suspended?

There are several factors that can cause this, you can consider the following;

  1. You might have created multiple account with the same IP.
  2. You might have created multiple account with the same information.
  3. Maybe you tried to login by proxy.
  4. Using same wallet address or account number in more than one account.
  5. Login more than one account with the same device.
  6. Also, we can manually put an account on hold if there are other issues we notice in an account.



How can I edit my profile?

After creating account, you, you will notice that if you click on "My Profile" located at the top right of your dashboard, it takes you back to same dashboard. This is simply because by default all accounts are set to "Hide My Profile". 

To enable you profile, simply click on settings, you can locate this at the top right of your dashboard, then where you see My Profile Page, click on "Allow to be displayed" then click "Save" button to update your changes.

Remember, enabling your profile will do the following:

1. Enable other users to be able to view your profile.

2. Make other users to be able to send you invitation to connect with you and be able to exchange conversations.

How can I change my profile picture?

To enable you profile, simply click on settings, you can locate this at the top right of your dashboard. Where you have the default avatar(image), you will see "change picture" click on it to change to your desired profile picture. Remember image dimension should be lesser or equal to 300x300px. Then click on submit buttone, and the "Save" button to effect your changes.

How can I change my password?

Click Login from the menu, and click the link 'Forgot your password?' You then enter your email and your password will be resent to the email associated with your account. Make sure to use same email you used when cresting account.


How do I change my country?

Remember that if you have recently changed your country of residence or you entered an incorrect details when creating account, you can change your country, however, note that some features might  or might not be available base on your country. You can change your country by going to your profile page.


Google Authenticator:

For extra security, google authenticator app helps to provide more protection to your account. Since google authenticator does not require or use your phone number, Airxons might require you still connect your account mobile phone verification. In case where your password is lost or compromised, you will still be able to access your account. To enable google authenticator,

  1. Simply login to your Airxons account,
  2. Select Google 2FA on,
  3. Download google authenticator in your android or iPhone,
  4. Write down your 2FA digits,
  5. Capture the QR code and provide the token,
  6. Click confirm and then save. Once completed, you will now be able to use your google 2FA to login and to perform other sensitive activities in Airxons platform.




How do I get AirX?

In order to be able to have AirX which will enable you to either advertise, earn while you search, earn while you write or share stories, or as well earn while you scratch,


  1. You need to first deposit using any of the available methods, coinpayment or coingate etc.
  2. Select the type of wallet you want to fund, either BTC or any other wallet that is enabled.
  3. Select the amount you wish to deposit. 
  4. Then select the amount in that selected currency you wish to deposit.
  5. Go to the "Trade currency" page where you can buy AirX with your BTC or any other, this is the only way to get AirX asset. 


Note: selecting coinpayment for instance as your deposit method does not necessarily mean you must have a coinpayment account, instead its a medium through which you fund your BTC wallet in Airxons, at the checkout page you will see the cryptocurrency wallet address to send to and the QR code as well. This is because we partner with coinpayment and others by using their services. 


Pricing & Fees

We do not charge any extra fees when making deposit into your AirX account. However, since we are yet to provide a Hosted Digital Currency Wallet Service, you might only experience sending fee from your wallet provider where you are sending from. If there will be any fees attached,  we will always disclose to you at any giving time.

Also in terms of withdrawing, depending on your withdrawal method, fees varies, however, fees are shown to you on each withdrawal placed.


Any fee for sending and receiving AirX asset?

When it comes to receiving AirX in your mobile wallet, there is no transaction fee. However, when sending, there is a 0.1 XEM. This is a fee that is charged in NEM blockchain. This requires that inorder to be able to send AirX, you must have some XEM in your wallet. Refer to withdrawal page on how to get XEM.


Any Fee for trading in the exchange portal?

Buying and trading digital currencies on our exchange platform attracts small fees of 0.20% for Buying and 0.20% for Selling. However, this might might vary depending on market situation.



Due to security reasons and to prevent fraudulent activities, there are limits to how much you can withdraw at a time. However, this limit might vary depending on your withdrawal method. In general, we only allow 1 withdrawal per day, this is to enable us put every transaction active in check. This might increase in the near future.


Can I increase my limit?

For the time been we do not have this feature, however, we might include it in the near future.



Here you can withdraw your earnings from your account. Either from your cryptocurrency wallet, main balance and so on, to your external wallet. 

Please note that if you are withdrawing from your BTC wallet, you need to select either Coinpayments or Coingate, depending on what you see. Selecting Coinpayments does not mean you must have Coinpayment account, rather it simply means you are withdrawing to your external bitcoin wallet address which you have provided when setting up your payment account.

Please if you have not set up your payment account, you can simply go Here and click on Payment. there you will see available withdrawal methods you can setup. 


Also, there is a minimum and maximum withdrawal as well as withdrawal fee which you can see when placing withdrawal.
Also, if you change any of your withdrawal accounts, you will have to wait for a minimum of 24 hours before you can make any further withdrawal. This is for additional security, so always ensure your withdrawal account is correct.


  1. Select the currency you want to withdraw from and the destination place you want your funds to be sent to.
  2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and hit the submit button.



For proper search and effective search on Airxons, here are simple ways and things to note

How Do I Search on Airxons?

From airxons homepage you can easy search by entering the information you want to search on the search bar, then click on any the logo icon you want to direct your search, your search will automatically be executed and you will receive AirX.


When you are logged in, simply click on Settings under profile, then click on “Preferences”, there you will see list of available search engines. Select the ones you want to enable and save.


Remember if you are logged in, only the default searches and the one you want enabled will be available in the search portal.


How Do I Know How Much I earn when I search?

What you earn on every search depends on the amount AirX you have in your account.


Do I Earn When My Downline Perform A Search?

Yes, you earn up to 3 levels deep when your downlines search.


How Many times can I search In A Day?

You can perform unlimited searches in a day.


How Many Times Can I Earn From My Searches In A Day?

You can get rewarded 20 times in all your searches.




Get all you need to know concerning splash stories. This is where you either write/share articles, post news or create stories and earn AirX.

How Do I Write or Create A Story?
Simply login to your account, click on “Splash Stories”, then click on “Create a Story”

You will see another page where you can manage your stories or add new, click on “Add New”

Select the country where you want your story to be shown, select category, provide title, subtitle, add image, write/add your story, enter keywords (separated by a comma), verify and submit for approval. Once approved, your story will be available to the public.


How Do I Share A Story?

Simply login to your account, click on “Splash Stories”, then click on “Share a Story”

Select the country you want, and the category of the article you want to share.

You will see list of all the stories, simply click on “Get Share Link”

You will see a pop containing the link to that article, click Copy and then share.


Can I Modify My Story?

Yes, you can pause your story, you can edit and also cancel it.


Where Can I Share My Story?

You can share stories in any social media your  are into, (facebook, twitter, linkedin etc) people can read from any where you get credited.


When Am I To Be Credited and Where Does My Earnings Go To?

You earn from every one who reads the story you create or share. Every 24 hours all the earnings you received will reflect in your account. Your earnings goes straight to your Main balance.


How Do I Earn If I want to Write or Share?

You earn per read, this means for everyone who reads the story you write or share, you earn. The more stories or news you create or share, and the more viewers or readers you have, the more AirX you earn.


What Is The minimum Amount I can earn before I withdraw?

There is no minimum or maximum, you can withdraw your earnings anytime. Simply visit the trading portal and sell off your earned AirX. Is that simple.



There are few things to note when scratching for new Airxons assets.


What is Scratching?

Scratching in Airxons works like mining crypto assets, is simply one of the ways in which new AirX is been made available. Our customers are allowed to use (scratch) the method to make AirX assets available which is being used to advertise, even the least business on premium directories, purchase of digital goods and lots more.


How Does Scratching Works?

Simply login to your Airxons account, click on Scratching, you will be redirected to scratching page. Click on start scratching, you will immediately initiate the process.


Do I need to have AirX before I can Scratch?

Yes, the ability and the amount of new AirX asset you make depends on the available AirX in your balance.


Is My AirX Locked Up When Scratching?

No, you have 100% control of your AirX assets, you can sell off, convert or withdraw your assets anytime any day without any restriction.


Is Scratching Automatic?

No, you have to manually click on “Start Scratching” Button.


How Many Times Can I Scratch?

You can scratch up to 288 times in 24 hours, each scratching lasts for 20 seconds.


Can I Do Other Things While Scratching Is On?

Yes, you can perform other functions on Airxons, but it has to be in a new tab.

Do not close the scratching page while Scratching is currently running, and do not refresh scratching page while scratching is on. Doing any of this will make you to start afresh.


Do I Need to withdraw The AirX I scratched?

No, any new AirX you make while scratching goes directly into your AirX main balance and it increases your chances to earn more, you can exchange, trade it in the market or promote your business if you have any. What you do with your AirX is all your choice.




To promote your local and global brands, Airxons makes it possible for individuals, organisations to gain more traction through advertising and business listing. The beauty of this is that you do not need a website, banners or have a prior knowledge to design. Just put what you do in a simple few lines form and we do the rest.


How Do I Get Started?

Simply create a new account, if you do not have one, and click on Advertisement, select Business Ad,  then fill the information and hit the submit button.


How Do I Know The Status of My Business Ad?

When you submit your business Ad, you wait for it to be verified by one of our staff. (This is to make sure that all Business Ads meets our required standard. Then in your Business Ads page, you will see “Manage Ad” there you can see the status of your Ad.


I Do Not Have Any AirX in My Account, How Do I Fund My Account?

First of all, you need to fund your account with the accepted payment method, then go to Trade Currency portal to get AirX. Then Go to transfer Page and transfer from your main balance to purchase balance, this is because you can only purchase business ad from your purchase balance.


How Guaranteed Is My Ad?

We make sure that all business advertised on Airxons get quality result. This is why we limit number of slots that can be purchased in every 24 hours.


How Long Does My Business Ad Run?

All advertisement are set to run for 24 hours, you will have to re-purchase your Ad every 24 hours, if you love the quality result you got. Also, you can Set your Account to Automatically purchase new slot for you every 24 hours. This is to make sure you do not miss out on available slots.


How Many Slots Can I buy In Every 24 Hours?

The number of Slots you can purchase every 24 hours is unlimited. As long as the maximum number of slots for that day has not been completly bought.



This is where you either buy or sell your AirX,  Trade currencies is an exchange market, where you create your own price you wish to sell your asset. There are few things we will help you know and get acquainted with.


How Do I Trade on the Trade Currency Portal?


To Buy AirX, you need to make sure that you have Bitcoin (BTC) in your account. If you do not have bitcoin, simply look for local exchanger within your area to fund your wallet.,

Then simply click on “Buy AirX”,

In the “Size” box, enter the amount of AirX you want to buy,

In the “Bid” box, enter your buying rate. Alternatively,

You can select from the list of available “Active Offers” and your order will be filled automatically.

Then click on the “Place Order” button, confirm or review your order and hit the submit button. You  will be credited with AirX. Same applies when you want to Sell your AirX.

To view your active Buy or Sell orders, click on any of the buttons under “My orders”

See Details” help you track the status of all your orders, if it is completly filled, partially filled. And also, you can cancel any of your orders.