What is AirXons?

AirXons is A social information platform that rewards people base on their activities by either searching the web, creating and curating stories, brand broadcasting, value creation and sustainability.

Who Are We?

Airxsons is a pure-play emerging online/digital services platform/market accessible from all countries, where one can trade, publish articles and own AirX assets. With fast growing membership, Airxons is an ideal place to buy and sell your local and digital assets, purchase, sell, auction your products and services. Airxons is innovative and driven by technological and digital changes and a growing demand for a one stop platform for all manner of digital transactions, promotion and adverts. From our headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria and guided by international laws and our values, we are delivering a bold, new digital world to our customers across the globe.

Established in Nigeria, Africa with the vision to bring transformation to digital services, we have grown rapidly by creating an advanced and user friendly digital infrastructure accessible to individuals, businesses, groups, and organizations. We now offer free digital services to our registered members across the globe. We also offer enterprise digital solutions to corporate and public-sector customers. Our platform is among the most efficient for versatile digital services in the world.

We strongly believe that in a world that has become a global village, everyone deserves the benefits of internet technology, its connectivity and accessibility. Our vision is to create new digital world to our customers and members and our purpose is to make the participation in digital market place a lot easier.

What We Do?

Advertising and promotion of various brands (goods and services).
Instant buying and selling of local and digital currencies
We offer you a digital market place for buying and selling
We also offer a platform to publish your articles, news, and other write-ups, search the web and getting paid

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