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Advertising is ubiquitous. It surrounds us, it lands in our mailbox (both real and virtual), and it interrupts our favourite forms of entertainment!!!!

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Advertising is “a paid, mediated, form of communication from an identifiable source, designed to encourage the reader to take some action, now or in the future.” “Mediated” simply means, through some medium like television, newspaper or even the Internet conveys the message from sender to receiver, as opposed to direct “in-person” communication.
It can be an information distributed in any way, in any form or by any means, addressed to an uncertain number of people and aimed at attracting attention to the subject of advertising, the establishment or maintenance of interest in it and its promotion on the market. Airxons business ad is an arm of Airxons online services which is geared towards bringing the advert world to the doors of local and grass root business, making it affordable and accessible for them to advertise and expand their business at the barest minimum charge.

Our Offers

  • The success of any digital business, network or advertising campaign, depends largely on the safety of the served advertising. The Malware Prevention in the Airxons Ad Server platform ensures that publishers, advertisers, and networks working with Airxons remedy will be able to work with safer and better ads.
  • Expand your business opportunities by easily integrating with Airxons business ads and enabling your clients to gain access to the largest pool of publishers and advertisers.
  • Integrate facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. into your advertising campaigns and engage your audiences with high-quality creatives from a smart reliable advertising network. Airxons local and small medium business ads enables its clients to access one of the world's largest advertising networks.
  • Targeting is one of the most important elements of online advertising, and thanks to Airxons business ads strategy with clients IP Location selection, all our clients have access to stable and precise geographic targeting for their advertising campaigns.


Airxons Business advertisment is a unique ad management remedy for successful ad network businesses. We provide fully customizable white label business ads and listing, built to ensure flexibility across a wide range of channels, formats, and platforms. Room to entertain your clients and reach your local audience with ease, using our ad means to upload your ad videos and other customised ad banners. Widen your views with our Real Time Bidding, Data Management style and Exchange Ad and lot more. Rebranding of existing brand and expanding outreach for wider reach and views.

In Summary

AirXons gives you the ability to promote your brands (products/services) with or without a website. just with simple byte-sized information, your Ad ready.customised and targeted to any region/location of your choice. Select the number of slots you need. Limited slots available every 24 hours. To ensure quality Ad delivered.

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