What is AirXons?

AirXons is A social information platform that rewards people base on their activities by either searching the web, creating and curating stories, brand broadcasting, value creation and sustainability.

What can I do with AirXons?

With AirXons, you can advertise whatever products or services you render directly to your audience, be it local or international, with or without a website. You fill a simple form of what you do, we do the rest.

With AirXons, you can search the web and earn the system asset (AirX) at the same time customize your searches base on what is more important to you.

With AirXons you can create a story/news and earn system asset (AirX), you can curate/splash/share a story created by others and earn also.

WIth AirXons you can harvest the system asset (AirX) and sell in the exchange to others who want to own or have AirX assets. This is one of the ways AirX is generated.


AirXons enables you to hold your AirX assets and sell when it appreciates in value.
With our user-friendly mobile, you can send to/receive AirX from other users.
Security is very important as there are several ways to secure your account.
You can buy or sell your AirX in our inbuilt internal exchange. This makes it easy to exchange your AirX amongst other users.

Is there any restriction?

Do not register more than one Account with same IP or device.
Do not login with the same IP with multiple Accounts.
Do not make fake referrals

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