Become a Smart Investor

Posted by Victor Egbor (vickson64) | 1/10/2019 | Arts

Valuable things to know about trading and investing. Sometimes investors ingnore these key indicators

What do blockchain investors want to know?

That’s the $200 billion question.

The most important things for blockchain investors are:

1) Number of users. Before they invest in a new cryptocurrency or token, they want to know how many people are actually using the blockchain.

This is smart. Blockchain value is correlated with the number of blockchain users.  The more people on a blockchain, the more customers for your business.

2) Trading volume. Closely correlated with number of users, trading volume shows us how many people are actively buying and selling a digital asset.

3) Relevant news – which is like the news that could send the price of a traditional stock up or down. 

Taken together, these three items—number of users, trading volume, and relevant news—really do give good insight into the current health of a blockchain investment.