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Welcome to Airxons

Airxons is a social information platform that rewards people base on their activities by either searching the web, creating and curating stories, brand broadcasting, value creation and sustainability.

See various ways to generate new AirX below


Search Engine

Use our customizable search engine to get direct result for all your searches and earn AirX on every search you execute. If you can search up to 200 times in 24 hour, this means you can earn up to 200 times every 24 hours.


Write or Share articles/stories/news

As one of the ways to generate AirX is by article writing this simply mewans that if someone reads the article/story you wrote, or share, you earn.


AirX Scratching

Scratching gives you the opportunity to generate new AirX every 5 minutes. If you can scratch up to 300 times in 24 hours, this means you can earn up to 300 times every 24 hours.


Business Advertising

Showcase your brands with our smart business advert. This gives you opportunity to advertise your products and service, even without website and ability to target your ad straight to your audience.

5 Simple steps to start earning on Airxons

Step 1

Register an account, if you don't have any.
Verify your email address and login.

Step 2

Click deposit and add funds to your account by choosing your desired currency/coin. Then go to trading portal and exchange your coin for Airx.

Step 3

Choose your proffered services to start earning Airx ( There are various ways to earn; Scratching Searching, Writing/sharing articles, trading Airx pairs, running adverts for customers, affiliate services and more).

Step 4

Once you've earned Airx and wish to transfer your earnings, go back to trading and exchange your AIrx to your desired currency. Click withdraw to cash out your currency/coins to your desired wallet.

Step 5

Its that simple.
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We have numerous and unique features and services that everyone can get busy at all time.


All our services are centered on reward. Our aim is to make sure you interact, have fun and earn.


We have numerous and unique features and services that everyone can get busy at all time.

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A decentralised social annd information rewarding ecosystem

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Good to be here. Airxons is one the best services I have ever seen, risk-free and superb. You are absolutely in charge of your funds. I never knew earning in seconds can be very good and interesting. Good job Airxons' Team
Great System
Seriously if you want a real and smart daily income, Airxons is the very best platform. It has various ways you can earn a good living with little effort.


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